With TowerVPN Client, you can take advantage of VPN technology with just a few clicks with no technical knowledge required.

Simply login, choose your region or server and hit connect!



Choose either OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP easily from the settings window.1
Compare VPN Types

Want to switch servers? You can easily change between countries, regions and servers within the TowerVPN client, no waiting required.


Light Footprint

We believe less is more. TowerVPN Client strips unnecessary clutter and emphasizes on the most important functionalities so they're easily accessible at your fingertips. In a few clicks you can connect, disconnect and change servers.


Auto Server Updates

TowerVPN automatically fetches and downloads latest TowerVPN configuration and server information. This means whenever we add a new region or server, it will appear in the client without any additional steps.


Native Experience

TowerVPN Client is built using native technologies on Windows and Mac, so you'll get the best compatibility and performance on each platform without any compromise.

1 L2TP and PPTP support is currently only available in the Windows client. Only OpenVPN is supported in the Mac version of the TowerVPN Client. To use L2TP or PPTP on OS X, use manual setup guides.

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