VPN, Simplified.

We have made every step as easy as possible. Setup on major platforms and devices only take minutes, with no technical knowledge required.

For Windows and OS X, we offer our state of the art TowerVPN Client. Easily change servers, modify settings and manage your connection with just a few clicks.

For all other devices including iOS, Android and routers devices you can connect using industry standard L2TP / IPSec or PPTP VPN technology using simple setup guides.


Access Blocked Sites & Applications

Whether the restrictions are placed by your school, workplace, ISP or even country, TowerVPN can help you regain freedom to your favorite websites and applications.

Accessing regionally restricted services from abroad? TowerVPN have servers globally to help you access resources from abroad.


Play Blocked Games

Unable to play games due to network restrictions or blocked ports? With TowerVPN you'll be able to enjoy your online games once again.

Friends in a regionally restricted game? Now you can join them with TowerVPN's global server locations.


Protect your Data and Privacy

Using a shared network? Frequently use public Wifi access points? Or simply want Internet anonimity? TowerVPN is your answer. TowerVPN uses industry standard encryption, thereby helping you to protect your data and securing your information.

  • TLS
  • IPsec

Global Server Locations

Take advantage of our global server locations in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. You can use a server close to you for performance reasons, or a server from a different region to access regional restricted resources. We are also constantly adding newer locations, so follow us to receive the latest updates!

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