Download TowerVPN Client

Setup on your Mac is a snap, with the TowerVPN client. Simply download, install and then login with your account details.


Version 1.0

Compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion only.

Install & Start

Double click to mount the disk image, drag the TowerVPN app into your Applications folder as instructed.

Go to your Applications list and start TowerVPN. You'll be asked for your admin password to finish the installation.

Login and Configuration


Optional Settings

Preferences can be found by clicking on the top menu bar under "TowerVPN -> Preferences".


  • UDP (Default) - This is the recommended protocol to use, leave it as default if you're not sure.
  • TCP - If you have trouble connecting via UDP, try selecting TCP as it is better for getting around firewalls. It also enables the use of HTTP proxy server if you require one.

Proxy Settings

  • If you require to use a HTTP proxy server in order to connect to the Internet, click on this button to enter your details. This requires you to use TCP.

Logout & Delete Settings

  • This button logs you out of your account and clears all your settings.