Download TowerVPN Client

Setup on Windows is a snap, with the TowerVPN client. Simply download, install and then login with your account details.


Version 1.4.0

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit). Requires .NET 4.0 framework.

Version History

1.4.0 - 13 April 2013

  • China users now have PPTP support by default
  • Fixed a bug where the TAP adapter would be disabled with OpenVPN
  • Client window size is slightly larger

1.3.0 - 7 February 2013

  • Ability to select L2TP, PPTP connection methods in settings
  • Ability to select servers manually, so the server you select will be fixed
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements

1.2.0 - 12 December 2012

  • Better Windows 8 support
  • Client now uses .NET 4.0
  • Fixed an issue with Windows running partitions other than C:

1.1.1 - 22 October 2012

  • Fixed a bug where config would not download if folder is missing
  • Fixed a bug where preferences were not removed during uninstallation

1.1.0 - 29 September 2012

  • Proxy support improved. Now supports proxy settings before login
  • Download / upload counter added
  • Minor bug fixes

1.0.0 - 31 August 2012

  • Pre-release version
  • NTLM proxy support added
  • Bug fixes regarding account status

0.2.2 - 31 July 2012

  • New server selection screen, giving a better overview of our servers

0.2.1 - 27 June 2012

  • Fixed a problem where account data is not being updated upon login

0.2.0 - 21 June 2012

  • Fixed .NET 3.5 framework web installer for XP users
  • HTTP proxy support fixed
  • Minor cosmetic corrections

0.1.0 - 14 June 2012

  • Initial release


Double click on the installer to start the setup process. When asked about driver installation, click install to proceed. This sets up a new virtual network adapter for VPN use.


Login and Configuration


After starting TowerVPN, login with your TowerVPN username and password.

Server Selection

  • Automatic - Pick a country and a region, and if you'll automatically be assigned the fastest server in that region everytime you connect.
  • Manual - Manually pick a TowerVPN server to always stay on a particular server.

Optional Settings

Connection Method

  • OpenVPN (Default) - This is the recommended method to connect, most compatible and secure.
  • L2TP - Use this if you cannot get a connection by default.
  • PPTP - Use this if you cannot connect via OpenVPN nor L2TP.
  • Compare VPN Types


This is only available when OpenVPN is selected.

  • UDP (Default) - This is the recommended protocol to use, leave it as default if you're not sure.
  • TCP - If you have trouble connecting via UDP, try selecting TCP as it is better for getting around firewalls. It also enables the use of HTTP proxy server if you require one.

Proxy Settings

This is only available when OpenVPN is selected, otherwise IE proxy settings are used.

  • If you require to use a HTTP proxy server in order to connect to the Internet, click on this button to enter your details. This requires you to use TCP.

Logout & Delete Settings

  • This button logs you out of your account and clears all your settings.